I’m looking at your Drop Out Swivel Axe Scabbard with belt but i was wondering if I can get it in black?

We offer all of our scabbards in natural, Black or brown. The black and brown are $10.00 more than the natural. We will do custom colors at additional cost.

Is the belt on the Drop Out Swivel Axe Scabbard with belt a truck belt?

When you order you have the belt choice of standard roller buckle belt, Truck style belt ( our best seller) and Velcro belt.

Does the Drop Out Exposed Pick Scabbard have a swivel and how does it attach to a belt?

You also have a swivel choice. Free rotating swivel (moves freely), Friction swivel ( will stay where you position the axe handle but move if met with resistance [ our best seller] ) or 8 point locking swivel ( a lot harder to rotate ).

Will the drop out exposed pick scabbard hold a flat head axe also?

Each scabbard is fitted to either a flat head or pick head. They are not interchangeable.

Will the scabbards hold a normal fire axe until i get a fire axe inc one?

We also sell the Fire Axe, Inc. axes.

We will also stamp you name into the scabbard at no extra charge. Custom laser engraving is available at an additional charge.

An example of a natural color drop out pick head scabbard with a truck style belt & free rotating swivel is $100.00.
With a friction swivel is $120.00. With a locking swivel is $150.00. Black or brown add $10.00 to these prices.
Allow 7 to 10 days to complete your order. We accept Visa and MasterCard for domestic sales. Wire transfer or Paypal for sales out of the USA.