Can Do

Product Sketches and Renderings

If you have the need, we can sketch your product full size so that you have a better concept of scale or the spatial relation of components on your product.
From this point we have the ability to compose a color rendering suitable for presentation to perspective investors.
Pro-to-types and Patterns

From here we proceed into the first stages of pro-to-type research and development. A rough pro-to-type is assembled, to feel out just how your baby is going to shape up, and to make necessary changes and revisions.
Once we are moving in the right direction, it’s time to flesh out the product and hand make your pro-to-type to our exacting standards. When we have a winner, you have a pro-to-type and patterns, ready to gear up for production.
Tooling and Production Sample

Our in-house die making offers tooling to suit your needs;
steel rule dies, suitable for small production runs up to 100 pieces, depending on the product.
Clicker dies, capable of production runs into the thousands.
Forged dies, more durable than either steel rule or clicker dies, are capable of heavy duty cutting of leather, plastic, most soft materials and some metals.
Once you determine which type of die fits your needs, we make the dies and assemble a production sample to proof out the dies and get you a first article to photograph and get ready for marketing.
Production Run

Are you ready?? Generally we ask that you commit to a minimum production run of 200 to 300 units. This will make it worth our efforts to produce an item at wholesale prices and make a profit.
A short production run gives us the opportunity to work out any production problems, build our shop aids and firm up our pricing structure. After this small production run, we will establish pricing based on quantities 200, 500, 1000, 5000, 10,000 and more.
Once firm pricing is set we will guarantee pricing for 12 months. On the anniversary, we will re-evaluate pricing and adjust for material and labor increases.

At this point you will have to commit to your business and your product in the form of inventory. If you have confidence in your product, and the proper backing, you should carry at least 2 to 3 months inventory. Remember, it may take 4 to 6 weeks to build your product, and you will need to determine the type of service (delivery time) you will offer to your customers.
Too many businesses today try to survive without carrying inventory or with limited inventory. This puts you in the position of not being able to ship if you cannot get your product manufactured. And most customers order goods because they want them now! If you cannot ship, they go elsewhere.
Packaging and Shipping

Once we determine the type of packaging appropriate for your product, we have the resources to custom make the boxes, header cards or just bulk pack as needed. We can then drop ship using UPS as a carrier.
For Our Retail Customers

Customers just looking for something special, unique, personalized or one of a kind, will appreciate our diversified product line. We manufacture practically anything and will personalize anything on our product list. Or if you already have that something special, we can make brass or leather name plates for you to attach.