The Friction Swivel (our most popular) will allow your axe handle to be rotated and hold it’s position.

The HD Free Rotating Swivel is made with the same hardware as the Friction Swivel but without the friction.  It will rotate freely.

The Free Rotating Swivel (not to be confused with the HD Free Rotating Swivel) is a ball bearing swivel that allows the handle to swing freely.

The Removable Swivel allows your scabbard to be removed from your belt (Free Rotating only).

Free Rotating Swivel
free rotating swivel

Light Friction Swivel
light friction swivel

Heavy Friction Swivel
heavy friction swivel

HD Free Rotating Swivel
heavy duty free rotation swivel

Removable Male Swivel
removable male portion of swivel

Removable Female Swivel
removable half of 1-stage swivel

1-Stage Swivel exploded view
1-stage swivel seperated

1-Stage Swivel paired
1-stage swivel together

When you are ready to purchase your scabbard, please fill in our downloadable, fillable, order form.

Fill in the form completely and send to us via email. Take care to choose the correct swivel, scabbard and axe manufacturer; as the scabbards are not interchangeable between axe manufacturers.

As our scabbards are personalized, allow 7 to 10 days to produce your scabbard.

We ship UPS and USPS and do not mark up the freight at this time.

The freight is approximately $20.00.

All returns must be approved.

Thank you,

Dean, Sharon and all of the crew @ D’Alesio, Inc.